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Colour Match

Every effort has been made on this Gallery site to accurately represent the vibrant colours of  Armen's photographs.

However, due to differences in computer screens and certain other variations, the images here should only to be taken as a guide.

Obviously, the colour and sharpness of a finished Armen Iskandaryan Limited Edition Print are far superior to what can be presented on a small screen at low definition.



From December 11th to 20th Armen Iskandaryan's solo exhibition was held at the Artists' Union of Armenia in Yerevan. The event was attended by Armenia’s top notch arts people and collectors. All the visitors were pleasently surprised and admired by Armen's photography works where he showed the beauty and magical colors of Armenian nature. The exhibition was entitled "Symphony of Nature" as each of the photos was like a musical instrument which all together made a magic symphony.

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