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Armen Iskandaryan is one of Armenia's leading professional landscape photographers. A self taught photographer, he specializes in panoramic photography of stunning Armenian landscapes. His breathtaking images add a new dimension to landscape photography. He is really passionate about this art and striving for the excellence in it.

After a career in IT sphere, he turned to photography concentrating on landscapes as his subject and color as his medium. Every free moment away from his engineering job was spent exploring and photographing the mountains and canyons of Armenia. He spent much time in the field, searching out and discovering new locations and new photographic scenes. He considered taking pictures a hobby until his photos brought him wide recognition of a panoramic photographer.

Armen Iskandaryan is a member of IAPP (International Association of Panoramic Photographers) and is well known for his panoramic photographs. Panoramic photography has long captivated his imagination for both its ability to present a subject in an expanded context as well as its tendency toward the unusual perspective.

Armen exhibits his photos nationally and internationally. His photographs evolve and enlighten others to help protect the historic and natural wonders of Armenia for future generations. His vision of creating powerful landscape imagery provides us with indelible images that express our need to communicate with the nature. Undoubtedly, those who acquire his limited edition prints will appreciate the efforts involved in creating the images and share the same excitement he experienced when viewing the scenes through the lens.



From December 11th to 20th Armen Iskandaryan's solo exhibition was held at the Artists' Union of Armenia in Yerevan. The event was attended by Armenia’s top notch arts people and collectors. All the visitors were pleasently surprised and admired by Armen's photography works where he showed the beauty and magical colors of Armenian nature. The exhibition was entitled "Symphony of Nature" as each of the photos was like a musical instrument which all together made a magic symphony.

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